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Purdue Automotive Performance Association is the student organization on campus dedicated to the performance enthusiast in all of us. Founded in 1998, we are growing strong and quickly.


At the meetings, past and future events are discussed. In addition, pictures and videos of Club events and other events are shown. Usually a presentation on an aspect of all cars, trucks, etc is given at each meeting. We also go for cruises during some of the meetings to local restaurants for some grub. We meet in HAMP 1252 on Tuesdays at 7pm during the semester.

Drag Racing Events

The Member's "Home Track" is often referred to as US 41 dragway in Morocco, IN. We do not have club events or trips to the track, but often members are going each weekend to get their new best time or just to feel the thrill of being pushed into your seat in the quarter mile.

Auto-Crossing Events

These low-speed driving skill events are popular all over the world. You compete in your own vehicle, driving through traffic pylon marked courses on a flat paved surface. The course is a series of curves connected by short straights, greatly resembling a down-sized road race course. The course is designed to emphasize car handling and driver skill rather than sheer acceleration. There are different vehicle classes for different levels of power, handling, and modifications, so that every vehicle can be competitive. Each entrant gets at least four timed runs on each course. As safety is a big concern here, vehicle safety inspections are conducted and helmets are required during competition. Most all autocross meetings are set up on the forums for members that want to participate in these events.

On-Campus Car Show

During these events, members show off their vehicles. Car Shows are staged at the Purdue Memorial Mall near Stewart Center. This is a great way to meet people and be able to brag about your car or truck, and of course bring more people to the club. If you are interested in showing off your ride, contact one of our officers for more information.

The PAPA Constitution

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    Nick Ladocsi

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    Grant Sonderoth

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    Grant Dethy

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